ZippyLoan Is it Safe? : Detailed Guide

What is ZippyLoan?

The Zippyloan lending marketplace helps borrowers access to short term personal loans and it is part of the OLA online lending alliance which bolsters its trustworthiness. Zippyloan is free from setup fees and service charges.

The Zippyloan secures the borrowers’ and lenders’ information by encrypting all transactions with high-end 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

Zippyloan does not operate as a lender but is an online marketplace for connecting lenders to borrowers. Zippyloan contrasts itself from the competition by accepting customers regardless of their credit status.

And, it is easy to apply for the loan as well, since they have a mobile-friendly application support you can apply for a loan on your mobile device.

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Why Take a Loan with Zippyloan?

Zippyloan is a marketplace where it matches the lenders with the borrowers. Borrowers can put in a loan request, which will be shown to various lenders for offer submission.

You can request a loan on ZippyLoan for free and your credit score won’t be affected as well.

Through Zippyloan, you can get a loan up to $15,000 in as little as one day, which is perfect for anyone in dire need of finances or facing an unexpected expense.

After you advertise your request in zippyloan’s marketplace, lenders will compete for your business, opening up the opportunity for borrowers to get more value out of their loans.

It is possible to find more low-interest rate loans from other places, however, at ZippyLoan you can get a loan as little as few hundred dollars regardless of your credit score, unlike other places that require the minimum loan amount to be around $1000.

The application and approval processes for Zippyloan are fully automated, which allows them to serve you faster.

What Does ZippyLoan Offer?

Even those with poor credit scores can apply for a loan through Zippyloan, and some lenders in the market often update your repayment history to credit bureaus, which will lead to improved credit scores down the road if you make on time repayments.

One of the main attractions of Zippyloan is the fact your loan is approved and disbursed the same day after it is submitted. They also offer a flexible loan repayment period ranging from a month to five years.

Below are some common uses of the loan

·         Debt Consolidation

·         Home improvments 

·         Unexpected Expenses

·         Personal Expenses and Needs.

·         Emergency Medical Bills

·         Periodic Payments

·         Budget Problems

Another awesome aspect about Zippyloan is the Unsecured loans. Their network of lenders offers loans without any collateral to their clients. However, you still have to state the purposes and use of the loan when you apply for it at Zippyloan.

Rates, Terms and Fees

It is not a lending institution but a marketplace that connects you with lenders. Therefore, the interest rates and fees provided by Zippyloan have no relationship to the platform. As a result, you will not find interest rates displayed on their website due to the nature of their business.

It is expected that the respected lenders would offer you interest rates between 5.99% and 35.99% annual interest rate; but exact rates or terms will depend on the lenders. When lenders present you with their offers after you request for a loan, you will get the chance to check out their rates and terms.

A payment schedule, payment penalties, prepayment penalties, penalties, late fees, transaction fees, and origination fees depend on the lenders, conditions and terms. These rates are mostly based on the consumer’s credit score, but not always. 

Eligibility Criteria

There are some basic requirements to be eligible for a loan with Zippyloan and they make it easy for you to apply. There is no minimum income requirement or credit score requirement.

But you need to meet these eligibility criteria to apply for a loan:

·         Be 18 Years of Age

·         Have a Verifiable Regular Income

·         Prove Residential Status Within the United States

·         Hold A Bank Account Under Your Name     

The maximum amount everyone can receive is $15,000; however, the interest rate and other fees may differ depending on the borrower’s credit score, income level, and laws at the state to which the borrower resides.

How to Apply for a ZippyLoan?

Filling out a Zippyloan loan application form starts with entering your name, date of birth, bank details, Social Security number, contact information, driver’s license, employment details, credit score, amount of loan, and purpose of loan.

Zippyloan allows the borrowers to quickly access the unsecured personal loans and everything done online within few minutes.

Most lenders will get in touch with you within five minutes of time after you submit your application. You can review their policies, terms and interest rates and select the lender that best meets your needs. 

Once you satisfied with the lender you can e-sign the agreement to confirm the policies and finish the application process. If you do not like the offers and terms provided by the lender you are under no obligation to accept it and you have your liberty to withdraw from it.

It is easy as it is.

Pros and Cons of ZippyLoan


·         You can obtain loans for amounts starting as low as $100 to as high as $15,000

·         There are zero setup fees and hidden costs to use ZippyLoan services

·         ZippyLoan accepts users with both good and low credit

·         You can get a loan without any security or collateral.

·         Request a personal loan within 5 minutes for financing in as little as 24 hours


·         No guarantee of connecting with lenders or receiving a low APR offer

·         Zippyloan does not provide services in New York, Oregon, West Virginia or Washington D.C.

·         If you have questions or problems, there is no ZippyLoan customer service available

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Final Thoughts

Zippyloan is a marketplace for borrowers to request a loan from the market of lenders. Since they don’t charge any fees for using their service, borrowers will have peace of mind when accepting the lender offers since they have no obligation to accept the offers.

Zippyloan’s easy application process and fast loan approval make it an ideal way to find the quick loan you need without having to demonstrate the strength of your credit.

Zippyloan FAQ’s

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