Pedestrians are the most likely to be injured in accidents involving vehicles. If you were one of those unlucky pedestrians, then you may think that it’s an open and shut case. However, drivers have a duty to protect pedestrians at all times. This is where Pedestrian Accident Attorney comes in.

This means that they should always watch out for them, so if they fail to do this, there is a good chance that they will be found negligent on the pedestrian’s side of the case.

It is important to hire a lawyer who specializes in pedestrian accident cases because legal representation can mean the difference between winning or losing your personal injury case!

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What is a pedestrian accident attorney?

A pedestrian accident lawyer is a type of personal injury attorney who defends the rights and interests of pedestrians that have been injured in accidents involving vehicles.

This means Pedestrian accident Lawyers will be responsible for gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, filing suit on behalf of their client, negotiating settlements with insurance companies and other attorneys, and much more.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents most frequently happen when a driver is driving too fast or distracted, and does not see the pedestrian

The other common cause of pedestrian accidents are drivers turning without looking to ensure they do not hit any pedestrians.

This includes running red lights which can catch unsuspecting pedestrians off guard who cross on the signal.

  • Getting distracted while driving. 
  • Excessive speeding. 
  • Under the influence of alcohol. 
  • The failure to halt or yield. 
  • Various weather conditions. 
  • Left–hand turns.
  • Accidents due to backing–up. 

Driver error accounts for 70% of all Pedestrian Accidents that result in injury and death.

It’s important to hire an experienced accident lawyer because this type of personal injury attorney knows how to argue these types of cases successfully!

Why you need a pedestrian accident attorney?

If you’re injured as a pedestrian during an accident involving a vehicle, you may think the case is open and shut. After all, drivers are required to watch out for pedestrians at all times since they’re most likely to get seriously injured in an accident with a vehicle.

– It’s important that this requirement be followed because there will usually be more than just one victim involved when accidents take place on our streets and sidewalks: other people who walk or drive near the scene of the collision can also sustain life-changing injuries!

– Pedestrian accidents account for 13% of crashes causing injury or death so it’s vital that we understand how these types of collisions happen; what steps should have been taken by either party before they occurred.

We should always look out for our rights and other weak parties. A law suit may save some one else life, If we made right decision at right time.

How to find the right lawyer for your case

Please check these attributes when you select your lawyer

  • The first step is to identify your legal problem and seek specialist help.
  • Make sure the lawyer has the right sort of experience
  • A good lawyer is an effective communicator.
  • The professionalism of the attorney is one thing to consider
  • The approach and degree of fit between the attorney and your issue should be taken into consideration.
  • A local lawyer familiar with your region is the best choice
  • You should inquire about the attorney’s references.
  • How does the attorney’s support network and resources stack up against each other?
  • Be sure to inquire about fees and other business arrangements.

The process of filing a claim with an attorney

An attorney will need a signed release from the client, which allows them to work on your behalf in collecting information and gathering evidence for the lawsuit.

The lawyer then files notice of intent with the appropriate court system.

There are additional documents you may be asked to provide.

In order to file suit against someone or some company, they must have acted in an unreasonable manner or done something wrong – this can include traffic accidents where negligence was involved such as speeding issues, drunk driving incidents, distracted drivers using their phone while behind the wheel etc…

The benefits of hiring an attorney for Pedestrian accident

1. Lawyers can help determine damages.

In the event of an injury, an attorney will be able to determine the specific monetary amounts such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and compensation for pain and suffering. In many cases, insurance companies will offer victims a very low compensation package, far below the amount they deserve. 

2. Having an attorney will help in dealing with insurance companies

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies usually offer victims much less than they deserve. Insurance companies are also in the business of spending as little money as possible, which is why we work to negotiate a settlement at your side that you deserve. 

A lawyer can take the burden of dealing with insurance companies off your shoulders rather than making you deal with them on your own.

3. You will receive advice from an attorney on the next steps.

If you have been involved in an accident, you may not be sure of what your next steps are. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney can help you determine what you need to do to preserve evidence while still reaching a satisfactory settlement. 

Tips on how to avoid being in an accident as a pedestrian

Look carefully before crossing the street. Take note of oncoming traffic and make sure you can cross safely. If there is a car coming, wait for it to pass before going across the street.

Stay alert: be aware of your surroundings at all times so that you don’t get distracted by talking or texting on your phone while crossing the road. This includes looking up from time to time as well as wearing bright clothes during daytime hours

Always obey any pedestrian signs in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic: these are usually accompanied by flashing lights! Remember not just to look both ways but also head left and right when walking down one side of a sidewalk; walkers should never expect drivers to always stop if they’re in

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