In this post, we will explain How to talk to a person at FedEx Customer Service? if you are looking for how to call FedEx.  Our goal in this article is to present all the methods available to you for getting a human at FedEx.

They are famous for their overnight delivery service and pioneered a system that can track packages and provide real-time updates on where packages are. Other carriers have implemented this feature after FedEx introduced it.

In order to provide clients with the very best service, FedEx networks operate independently. FedEx Express covers every street in the United States and sends packages to more than 220 countries and territories. Over 650 airports in 650 countries are accessible through FedEx’s international network.

These are the frequent reasons People call FedEx Customer Support

  • Requesting information about shipping letters and packages
  • Inquiries about credit card charges and billing
  • Shipment and delivery tracking
  • Obtaining information about policies regarding what is allowed and not allowed for shipment
  • Performing investigations and filing insurance claims

How do I Speak to a Human at FedEx?

If you would like to speak with a live person on the phone, please follow these steps.

  1.  Call 1-800-463-3339
  2.  Ask for more options or Press “7”
  3. If you want have further more options press “7”
  4. In the end press “8”
  5. A live person will follow up once you get connected to the system

Below is a list of FedEx main menus by which you can choose the appropriate service you want from a FedEx live agent.

  • Press 1 – Schedule a pickup from your address
  • Press 2 – Schedule pick up package from FedEx location
  • Press 3 – Shipment status and delivery information
  • Press 4 – Billing and payment,
  • Press 5 – Find a FedEx location
  • Press 6 – Get rate
  • Press 7 – For more options

Here are the Sub-menus of FedEx

  • Press 1 – For any technical support
  • Press 2- To contact FedEx
  • Press 3 -To know about order supplies
  • Press 4 – For Claims
  • Press 5 – To get the status of pickup
  • Press 6 – For canceling scheduled pick up
  • Press 7 – for more information/option

FedEx Call Center Number

You can speak to a live person at FedEx by calling these numbers:

  • 800-463-3339 – FedEx Support Phone Number
  • 888-465-5646 – Volume services.
  • 800-435-7949 – Technical support
  • 800-249-2953 – FedEx trade networks
  • 800-889-8723 – global trade data
  • 800-463-3339 – FedEx ground customer service

FedEx Contact Methods Compared based on Time to Response

These details are based on the research done by GetHuman

Contact Method

Waiting time

Customer Service

3 mins

Live Chat
Technical Support

51 mins

[email protected]
Customer Service

< 19 hrs
Customer Service

46 mins

Customer Service

2 mins

Customer Service

2 mins

Online Help
Customer Service

< 2 hrs

[email protected]
Customer Service

< 2 hrs


2 mins

How to Make Your FedEx Customer Service Call Efficient 

There are several things that you can do to make your FedEx customer service call more successful:

Check to make sure you’re dialing the correct country’s number. Additionally, there are separate numbers for billing and freight shipments. You can get in touch with FedEx via TDD and relay if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

Ensure that you have all necessary documentation and information available during your call. These may include tracking numbers, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, and the addresses of the sender and recipient.

Keep a pen and paper near your phone in case you need to take notes.

FedEx Representatives Hours

24/7 customer service is provided by FedEx. They can be reached at any time to discuss your questions and problems.

Best ways to contact FedEx

It is best to contact FedEx by calling 800-463-3339, but they have nine total ways to reach them. Getting in touch with their customer service representatives is the next best thing.

The second most popular way for customers looking for help is to contact Technical Support via Live Chat. 

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